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According To The United Health Foundations, These Are Five Most and Least Healthy States Of The US

The US has always faced lots of criticism for its health policies because from the last few years according to many surveys and case studies the health of the whole nation is on a diminishing level. However, according to the latest report, the United Health Foundation which is a non-profit organization surveyed the entire country, and they have ranked best and least healthy states in the USA. A senior researcher of this organization said that the percentage of obesity has increased by more than 5 percent in this year and it seems like this trend is not going to end soon. Because as per the reports more than 31.3 percent of the total US adults suffer from the obesity which is a concerning thing for the whole nation. However, this study also shows some positive results because the number of mental health providers has increased in the country which is a good thing for those people who suffers from severe mental illness.

The report which is prepared by the United Health Foundation has ranked all the 50 states according to the overall health of the peoples living in each state. According to researchers they considered 35 major factors like life choices, health care, environment, etc. to decide these rankings. The Top Five healthiest states in the US for 2018 are:- Hawaii, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Utah. Also, there are five unhealthiest states in the US for 2018, and those are:- Arkansas, Oklahoma, Alabama,Mississippi, Louisiana

This case study shows that many people in who lives in the unhealthiest states mostly suffer from problems like obesity, a mental illness more often as compared to those people who live in healthy states. It also shows the areas where each state can improve its health condition, and we hope in future we will be able to see some significant actions from each government to spread the health awareness among every citizen.

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