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  • Jeffery Gaitan :- Sr. Editor

    Jeffery is a versatile personality, who steals heart by his immense knowledge related to healthcare background. He has been keen on health, pharma, medical tech, and business sector, also gets himself into current affairs and social events. Has been a consistent employee from last 8 years of his job. A very sporty person likes to travel a lot and fun going, person. A foodie person who likes to enjoy eating at new places with his friends in the spare time.

    Jeffery@honestnewsjournal.com | +1 512-845-8171

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  • Micheal Zaragoza :- Sr. Editor

    Micheal has a keen interest in Science and Environment Domain, finding it easier to get through whatever the task allotted related to this field. Having experience of more than 7 years in this industry. Gained knowledge from more than 2 companies, various business sectors, and organizations. He likes to research on daily activities he confronts with, as well likes to stay updated.

    Micheal@honestnewsjournal.com | +1 512-845-8172

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  • Terry Richardson :- Sr. Editor

    Day one started as an intern in the company as a content writer, and today is designated as a senior editor. He uses his skills to collaborate thorough information from various channels like mobile technology, cloud technology, and mobile application. Enjoys every moment of life whatever might be the scenario.

    Terry@honestnewsjournal.com | +1 512-845-8173

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