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Workers In New York State Will Receive Higher Minimum Wage Rate Payments From Dec 31

The minimum wage payment has always been a controversial topic from the last few months because there have been many protests done by the massive amount of workers in the New York state. However, it seems like all of these protests have worked because New York state revealed that now the workers in the New York City are going to receive at least $15/Hour minimum wage payment. From months the local labor unions have been protesting against the companies and people in business because in New York state the minimum wage payment is $13/hour only. It’s tough for workers who live in a city which is one of the most expensive cities in the whole world. Due to the constant protest from labor unions, the state government now has said the workers will receive $15 per hour minimum wage payment from 31 December of this year.

Many workers who need to travel on a daily basis couldn’t afford to work since it was more difficult and less rewarding for them. The fast-food industry and those businesses which have minimum 11 employees will now have to pay $15 minimum wage payment under the new rule which could be a bad thing for business owners. However, those workers who find hard to live to manage their budget have said that this $2 raise will bring lots of joy for their families. This is the sixth time the New York state had raised the minimum wage payment from 2013 when at that time it was only $7.35.

In Seattle and San Francisco the labors are already receiving minimum wage payment of $15 from the last few months, and now the workers from New York state are also going to join that list. However, researchers said this increase in the income would not have that much long-term effect unless these workers cut down some of their unnecessary monthly expenses.

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